Oh the endless memes singing the censure of auto-correct! Ah, the awkward conversations that have resulted from its programmed eagerness to help, the ruined conversations and stained friendships, and the hilarious new inside jokes that have sprung out of its misguided substitutions! I it certainly makes typing romanized Japanese an entertaining challenge. Especially when combined with predictive texting!

Sometimes the mindless predictions and substitutions of technology actually have a lot of heart. Recently, whenever I’ve tried to sign my messages using the sweet tried and true traditional way, my predictive text has filled in the word with a different, but worthy sentiment. One appropriate for whatever passion, pain, or joy my loved ones may be going through. It is not the auto-correct talking when I write to you this: whether you are laughing today or crying, whether you’re caught in the doldrums or sailing briskly through the good times, there is power in effort, and this life you have is a valuable gift.So please, don’t give up, don’t give in. Keep breathing, and do the best you can with whatever you have. Cherish the good and the quiet moments.



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