Many Happy Returns!

The Knoxes are back!
The last week of June was busy with teaching my final English lessons and getting the house prepared for the Knoxes return from their furlough in America. Their homecoming has been a joyful one! It’s great to see them back among old friends and new. ^_^ Right now, we’re planning for English camp up at the church’s mountainside camp facility on the 18th. It’s going to be Birthday themed and should be a lot of fun! The Knoxes brought back a lot of old birthday and greeting cards one of their late parents had saved throughout the years. For the craft we’ll cut the pictures from the old cards apart and glue them to the front of some fresh cardstock to make birthday cards. The campers will write the message inside themselves based on some English phrases we’ll study together. It will be kind of like a very educational giant birthday party! I’m kind of language-geekily excited about the whole thing. >^_^<

English Camp will also be my last goodbye to most of my students and many of the friends I’ve made here in Japan. I’m happy to return to the US next month, but I will certainly miss them!

In other news, my Kickstarter campaign funded successfully! I’ll be traveling through Hokkaido for a week at the end of July. Thanks so much to each of you who helped the project — look for your hand-painted postcards, soon ^_^.

I’m writing now from my friends’, Tim and Christiane Marcy, house up in Nagano now. They’ve been here in Japan as missionaries for about seven years. Talking with them is joyful and encouraging! It’s a bit cooler here than in Saitama, which is nice. Their house is in a lovely, quiet area that has a nice country feel and very traditional-style houses. We’re off to walk around a park in a few minutes, so I’ll sign off for now.


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