You know that dream you have every so often when you have something important to do in the morning, the one where somehow you oversleep and miss said important thing? That nightmare plagues me every day I have classes to teach.

Well, yesterday it came true– despite setting both a phone alarm and a manual, battery-powered travel clock alarm as a back up, I woke up an half hour into when I was supposed to be teaching class >_<.  Thanks to my brother for giving me a call! The soft and pleasant ring tone woke me, which leads me to strongly suspect the alarms simply never sounded, especially since I am not a heavy sleeper and I tested the alarms today and can hear them through the whole house!
Anyway, my internet students waited kindly and anxiously for my arrival and class carried on! Awesome students to wait over half an hour and still want to have class! ^_^ Still, I’m really chagrined about the whole thing. Avoidable or not, it sounds terribly irresponsible to be late because “I overslept.” This morning I set my two alarms again and added an extra computer alarm to the mix, but my trust in my technology is broken. I’m afraid I won’t be sleeping well for a while after this. 😦


One thought on “Nightmares

  1. Debbie Gates says:

    Charlotte, it happens to everyone at least once in life! You are responsible and oh, so caring. Try to sleep, it will help you to teach better. I have been learning so many things, recently, about how hard we are on OURSELVES! If it were up to me, I would never be saved because I am just too unacceptable. Praise God He sees me as His child. You are an awesome young woman of God, remember that, and rest easy. Speaking of that, look up Andrew Peterson on spotify or youtube or something and listen to his song entitled just that–Rest Easy.
    I miss you,
    Debbie Gates


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