Snow, Blossoms

River and cherry trees

Manaho-chan was the first to spot the koi playing among the fallen petals in the stream.

Well, it’s the 8th of April here in Moroyama, and spring has whispered its way into the little gardens and house rows. As the plum blossoms faded, the cherry trees in the area all began to bloom. Yesterday, while the Knoxes finished up packing, Judy and I took the train on our way to Iruma City. There our friends, Manaho and Sarah S. took us on a walk along the Kasumi river. Unfortunately, the cherry trees are beyond their peak this late in the blossom season. Sarah was apologetic about that and about the cold, soggy weather. Really, though, it was so lovely, we almost didn’t notice the cold at all! Between the snow of flowers and the flow of the stream, even a forgotten umbrella seemed to breathe poetry into the patter of spring rain.

Our friends guided us back to their home that afternoon to enjoy the warmth of tea and music with Mr. S, who had generously stayed behind earlier due to one too few seats in the car.

We returned to Moroyama chilled and glowing. 🙂

Koi roiling in the shallows of the Kasumi river.

The fish seemed as pleased as we were to see the blossoms! They were large and they were many, all eager to graze among the floating flora.


These little gardens were everywhere!


Judy stands near one of the paper lanterns strung along the pathway.

Trees1Trees3 Trees6Trees2


And yet, the shower of petals was nearly overshadowed by the sight out our window this morning: snow. Real, cold, fluffy snow was falling with the sakura petals — in April.



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