On Visiting the Doctor in a Foreign Country

Welp. I’m sick. Not even a week after arriving in Moroyama I came down with a fever and a cold. Now a week after the first fell signs of sore throat and chills, I’m still not well. Thankfully, the very day after I first started feeling sickly we got me over to Town Hall to register as a resident and they issued me my Japanese National Health Insurance Card. So, yesterday, when it became apparent that this wasn’t just going to go away on its own, Becky Knox took me to the doctor. I was originally really bummed to be sick so soon after arriving here — but really, this has fallen out the best way possible (Romans 8:28). Since we’re on Spring break, being sick now means that I’m not missing any of my teaching responsibilities. Going to the Doctor’s this week means that Becky could show me where it is and walk me through the process of appointment and subsequent pharmacy visit!

So, after croaking out answers to a lot of basic health questions and not having to wait very long at all, I got some antibiotics, cough medicine, and decongestants from the pharmacy next to the Doctor’s office (they have an ant in a lab coat as their mascot. O_o? They also have a little booklet they give you where they’ve kept track of all your medications for you ^_^). Now I just need to sleep for a few more days. >_< Ah well. Hopefully I’ll be back on my feet in time for Easter! In the meantime, I apologize for my silence, my voice hasn’t quite fully returned yet. ๐Ÿ˜›

I do not recommend going to the Doctor in a foreign country, just as I do not recommend getting sick. Still, if you must go, it’s good to have them available and it’s even better to have someone who can interpret specialized vocabulary for you. Also, Japan’s doctor-system seems pretty simple and straightforward enough, so if you have to visit a doctor in a foreign country, I recommend the ones in Japan. ๐Ÿ™‚


One thought on “On Visiting the Doctor in a Foreign Country

  1. Charlotte Royal says:

    Upon finishing this post, I said, “YAY! An update is posted!” Judy jumped, startled, and replied with an upset, “Jeez, Charlotte! You made noise!”

    I guess I have been missing my voice for a while…


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