Of Flying Rabbits and Lagging Behind.

A cheeky rabbit on a couch.

Mr. Tumnus happily ensconced in “my seat” on our couch in Moroyama.

Hello everyone! I’ve been receiving questions since my last post from folks wondering if I ever saw Tummy again, so I thought I’d better take a quick moment to update you.

Funny thing about jet lag — it makes time behave erratically and causes objects to spontaneously disappear. The morning I was to get Tummy processed through quarantine, I missed the bus. I was going to go down ten minutes early (btw, the time listed on a bus schedule is when the bus leaves, not when it arrives), but somehow I went down two minutes late. After taking a cab (very expensive way to travel, especially compared to a free hotel bus) and managing to somehow explain at the airport entryway that I didn’t have a plane ticket because I was meeting with United Cargo, I got to the office a half hour earlier than they asked. They were late getting me my bunny and arranging for my to register him for quarantine, but I suppose that was because they were arranging for two very nice workers to shuttle me around between office buildings and make sure I went to the right places. I was very grateful! Once in customs I discovered that I had misplaced not only my map, but my airway bill of receipt for the bunny, so I had to go back to UA Cargo to get another. I never have found the first again. Anyway, painfully long process story truncated, Tummy went into quarantine, and came out again two days later. He was healthy 🙂 . I had no problem picking him up other than perhaps accidentally explaining to the guard at the airport entryway that I was there to “burn” my bunny instead of “get” him. I’m not sure at all what I really said. Jet lag is horrible.

Judy eats a crepe.

Judy enjoys a crepe at the mall after a rather traumatic lunch for her. I’ll write about that another time :-P. Sorry, Judy. The menu was hard to read.

My friend, Judy Morehouse, arrived on the same day I put Mr. Tumnus into quarantine. She’s going to be here with me for the next three months. We were going to try to sightseeing in the city during Tummy’s long quarantine day, but we only made it as far as the mall, where we dragged around wondering at all the cute things, trying to understand the signage, and trying to stay awake. We managed to get lost twice just in the two-story Aeon Mall, so it’s probably a good thing we didn’t try to navigate the train system or walk through Narita to the park. It was raining anyway. 😛

We’re in Moroyama now, and we hit the ground running. I think Judy expressed well what our lives have felt like this week: Standing Upside Down. Still, it’s great to actually be here, and we are excited about teaching the English classes and getting to know the Japanese. ^_^ We’ve had some small adventures and interesting observations already — both despite the busy-ness and because of it — but, for now, good night!


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